04 January 2008

Young Adventurers - Expedition Everest

Deep within Asia’s district on Anandapur a Forbidden Mountain is calling. Bracing for the extreme cold Everest, you travel to Serka Zong, following the strange stories of the creature there that protects the mountain, the Yeti. After gathering supplies and booking passage, you make your way through the museum that displays stories and evidence of the Yeti’s existence. After hearing the whistle of your tea train, you make your way towards the platform, where you board the old steam engine. Climbing through bamboo forests and the fortress at the foot of Everest, you see a variety of Yeti tokens that give you an idea of just how much he means to this mountain. As you continue along your trek, you round a corner to find the tracks have been bent backwards. Behind you, the unseen Yeti roars, the train seems to shudder, and you begin to slide backwards down the icy tracks. As you dash backwards through the dark mountain and its treacherous ice caves, the Yeti continues to roar. Finally your train’s brakes catch and you slow to a stop just in time to see the shadow of the Yeti as he tears more tracks from their position. Your train begins to move again with a lurch, bringing you closer and closer to a face to face encounter with the Yeti. Will you scream as you race off of the mountain, or have the icy conditions made you brave enough to stand your ground?

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