07 January 2008

Hooray for Hollywood

Today a brand new theme park opened in Walt Disney World, yesterday we lost on old friend. That’s right, today is the day that Disney-MGM Studios ceases to exist, and we all begin to discover Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I imagine that Hollywood Studios’ first days will be very reminiscent of MGM Studios’ last days. Yet, only time itself will show us the true difference between these two. Disney-MGM Studios has laid out an impressive foundation, much like EPCOT Center did for Epcot, let us see now what the future holds the new Hollywood Studios.

In looking ahead to the future, and I do believe it will be a bright future indeed, I feel it only proper to take a quick look back at one of my favorite photographs of Disney-MGM Studios, the regal front gates.
Here’s to you Disney’s Hollywood Studios: May you carry on the tradition of high standards set forth by your ancestor, and find your own way to glitz, glitter, sparkle, and shine on down the road!

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