10 January 2008

Freedom to move from one place to another

Imagine, if you will, that you are walking down a path in your local park (the parks with playgrounds and bike trails, not the parks with roller coaster mountains and Segways). As you are walking down this trail, probably trying to exercise a bit to keep yourself in good health, or preparing for your next grueling gauntlet of Walt Disney World walking, when suddenly a tree you have just passed comes to life and begins stalking behind you. I dare say you would need medical attention, at the very least you would need a new change of clothes.
Well, with all things possible in the World of magic, you can in fact be walking down a tree lined path and abruptly find yourself being tailed by an ardent arbor. Her name is DiVine, and she has put her roots down in Animal Kingdom. When I spotted this beauty back in October, she was making her way along the trail between Harambe and Anandapur. She had been wrapped around, like any good vine, a tall tree, and passerbys had paid her no real attention. That is until a teenage boy started screaming like a little girl when she began to unwind and move out onto the trail.

She moved gracefully, carefully minding the guests that surrounded her as she made her pilgrimage to another resting spot. I’d like to think of this as a metaphor in reverse for Animal Kingdom’s message of conservation. Rather than us being mindful of our environment, here was our environment protecting us from the damage her vines could have caused us.

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