28 January 2008


There are many terms that Disney uses, but there are also many terms that the Disney Community uses. Over the next few installments of Dis-tionary I am going to turn the reigns over to various friends of the community, allowing them to tell you, in their own words, just what the terms they have created mean. First up, George, from Imaginerding, and their marque lingo: Geek Love. Take it away George!

Disney Geek Love (dĭz'nē gēk lŭv) - The act of providing comments, feedback or general "How do ya do*" on a Disney-related blog. Usually positive in nature, Disney Geek Love is to let the author know that their work is appreciated and that they are loved in the Disney community. DGL Also allows the author to gage their work and create content that will be found interesting.
*Splash Mountain


Paul M. Carhart said...

* Splash Mountain also = Song of the South.

Just providing some DGL.

; D

Greg said...

Here is some DGL. Keep up the great work! Now I suppose you have inspired us all to come up with a word for the Dis-tionary.

Unknown said...


I am glad to be able to add to the Disney Lexicon.

I can't wait to see what DOC comes up with!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Well, we certainly don't have a firm grasp on what D.O.C. (Disney Obsessive Compulsive) is, or what the symptoms are. Might be interesting to find out...