05 November 2009

Symbol of universal harmony

The lettering and emblems of the various lands, parks, resorts, and attractions has changes over the years at Walt Disney World. The ability to capture guests’ attention while honoring the spirit of the attraction or area is a sticky balancing act. It may seem like loud in-your-face symbols and signage have overtaken the subtle icons of World of Motion, the Contemporary Resort, and Downtown Disney, there are plenty of examples that the heart of an experience is still taken into account, such as the newly designed logo for Spaceship Earth.Yet, some of the most fantastic pieces of Walt Disney World’s iconography, images and feelings that have resonated across the decades of operation, were there in the very beginning. An example of several of these can be seen in the various letterheads and envelope showcased on the Gazette today.

I could talk about the symbols of Walt Disney World for hours, but there is already a wonderfully worded study on the subject. For a detailed exploration of some of iconic icons of Walt Disney World be sure to check out the article from Passport to Dreams.


Jim said...

I love the old logos, but also understand the need to re-badge from time to time. could you point me to the new Spaceship Earth logo that you referenced? I don't think I've yet seen it.

Disneyana World said...

More logo discussion!

Netmongrel said...

I love the absolute wealth of iconography and typography seen in WDW. It is a graphic designer's heaven! You don't realize just how many logos there are. Every restaurant, every attraction, so much creative work. Great post