24 November 2009

Hi diddle de dee

While the menu may have changed over the years, Pinocchio Village Haus, in the middle of all of Fantasyland’s action, has become an iconic cornerstone for the land. With views that include overlooks of Fantasyland and the launch of it’s a small world, the interior of the Haus stands out more than the grub offered for a quick meal.

Room by room the inner sections of the restaurant present moments gleamed from Pinocchio’s story while not telling the entire tale in sequential order. Instead, the each space takes its cues from a specific character in the story and their interactions with Pinocchio. One of the more clever touches is Cleo’s inclusion in glass as if still at home in her fishbowl.

As a preschool teacher the simple phonics and storytelling strings presented in each room add an interactive element for those wishing to entertain the young children while they wait for the meal.

For the rest of the story, let’s go ahead and visually look into the rest of the rooms and dĂ©cor in one of the most expansive Photo Safaris we’ve ever embarked on.

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Disneyphemera said...

I was glad to see this post! This is where I started out on the College Program in 1990. Thanks!