26 November 2009

Never lose sight

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. In a year in which the world was reminded just how fragile our financial situations can be at times, I have been presented with more and more opportunities. From having my first articles published in an honest-to-goodness magazine, to the ability to share with podcast listeners, and even a lot of interesting work that has been going on behind the scenes of the Gazette. I have slowly, but meticulously been transforming my passion and happy place into a dream come true.

And yet, all the joy that I find in the day to day work isn’t what today is all about. It is about the people who choose to spend parts and pieces of their lives with us. It is about family, and friends, and friends who are as close to us as family. Each day I discover new friends the world over, people who share a common interest with me, but this common interest is only just the beginning. I have a father who made the magic of Walt Disney World real for me, a mother who showed me stories that still bring a tear to my eyes, cousins and aunts and uncles who continue to fan the flames of what I know and can do, and a cornucopia of dear friends to work and play with on many new adventures. My friends, specifically Greg and Glenn, could tell you how awful I am at keeping in contact with them. And while this is a massive flaw that I am working on, I hope they, and all of my friends know that they each have a special place in my heart.

Before we go any further, I should pause to speak to the one person that I am most thankful for, my wife. Aileen knew what she was in for when we first started dating and, while she could have never imagined the breadth to which this passion would unfold, she went ahead and married me regardless. She is my backbone that continual pushes me to make my ever-evolving dreams come true, she is the person I reach out to when I feel I have lost focus, she is the person who endures the late and lonely nights while I plug away at projects, she offers support and guidance and a swift kick when I need one. Without Aileen’s constant measured touch, none of this would be possible.

Then, of course, there is you the reader of this publication. Your kind words and comments have fueled what would otherwise be the simple ravings and an enthralled man. You are the ones who make the magic leap from the page, making it real for all the world to see. Thank you for your continued support and the time you take daily to check up on the happenings at this publication. As the editor of the Main Street Gazette, I am thankful for and humbled by your generosity.

I hope each and every one of you have a day filled with all the warmth your heart can carry. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Wilson. I am very happy to count you and Aileen among my dearest friends. Cheers and Happy Holidays!