11 November 2009

Magic Foods - Prelude

Today’s article is a prelude, of sorts, to the day ahead of me. As my last full day in Walt Disney World before returning home, I decided that the day would be best spent in the Magic Kingdom. Also, there is a task which has been on my mind for several trips, but that I have never been able to accomplish, eating in every land of the Magic Kingdom in one day.Drinking around, and for that matter eating around, World Showcase has been completed several times over, but I have not yet heard the tale of the Magic Kingdom experience yet. To be fair, there are only seven lands in the Magic Kingdom as opposed to World Showcase’s eleven pavilions, but the original Florida park offers its own set of challenges. Which means, there must be rules, or in this case a single rule, to this challenge:

Each item must be unique, or as unique as I can muster. In other words, even though Popcorn is a staple of the Main Street U.S.A. experience, it is off of the list. That said, fruit can be found all throughout the Magic Kingdom, but is basically the only item available for consumption in Mickey’s Toontown Fair so it will have to count.

My menu options for the day are as follows, but are also subject to change and suggestions:
AdventurelandDole Whip, Citrus Swirl, or Egg Roll.
FrontierlandCorn Dog, Churro, or Fried Chicken Breast with Gravy Dinner.
Liberty SquareBaked Potato, Funnel Cake, or Lighthouse Sandwich.
FantasylandRaspberry Lemonade Slush or Strawberry Shortcake Sundae.
Mickey’s Toontown FairRed Apple, Grapes, or Pickle.
TomorrowlandTropical Fruit Smoothie or Beef and Broccoli (If Noodle Station is open).
Main Street U.S.A.Cinnamon Roll, Hot Dog Meal with fixins’, or Cracker Jack.

Feel free to offer your suggestions or requests as comments in this article. I will be checking in to see what everyone thinks as I move through the day and, of course, I’ll send back the results through Picture Postcards, and my final thoughts will be collected in an article next week. Bon appetite!

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Disneyphemera said...

Love the idea. I'll have to try this next year. One change I would make...Frontierland. You MUST have the Turkey Leg there.