27 November 2009

The food of generosity

Today is the beginning of the Holiday shopping season. And although a lot of money will be exchanged over the coming weeks, it is important to remember what the holidays are all about. I spoke yesterday about what I am thankful for, but today we’ll feature another character who is just as thankful as I am.

The first set of windows along the Town Square and Main Street sides of the Emporium have long been known for their moving pictures, or glimpses into the worlds of the most recent animated feature or iconic film scenes. This year as Main Street U.S.A. began to glow with the candle-lit wreaths and holly-jolly feelings were being felt all about, the windows were transformed to tell the tale of Mickey’s Christmas Carol, complete with a panel scripting each scene!

Just as Scrooge peered in upon that sliver of his life from long ago, let us pause to take a moment to reflect on this timeless telling of the classic carol.


Unknown said...

I believe that this is actually the display from the Village Marketplace from many moons ago.

If so, Disney really did a good job keeping it up!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I thought the same thing, but the only referrence I can find to the previous version is over at Kevin Kidney's (http://miehana.blogspot.com/2009/11/more-about-emporium-windows.html). The only reason I believe these may be new designs is because in the 80s version teh Crachit house was actually two stories with furnishing upstairs.

If any of these figures or displays are the same, you're right, they've done a wonderful job maintaining them!