13 November 2009

A little decorum

It seems as though every group of friends, especially those in college, have an Animal. No, not the Electric Mayhem’s drummer, but a free-spirited, wild character that is larger than life. The graduate program in Dinoland U.S.A. has their own Animal, and his antics have spawned jokes all around the area.Like most Animals, Dinoland U.S.A.’s version clearly has a thing for the ladies. On a Dino Institute bulletin board where we are introduced to the various staff members, schedules, given the lay of the land, and can read some newspaper clippings, we are given insight into Animal’s heavy-handed approach to dating. An anonymous personals posting, believed to be the friendly master of group dynamics Jenny Weinstein, is met with calling attention to the writer’s identity and then proposing a meeting.Perhaps Animal was just hungry that day, as it is apparent that Animal must consume mass quantities of food each day. Inside one of Restaurantosaurus’ dining halls is one of the graduate program’s Field Kits. This rather large kit, however, has been relabeled as Animal’s Lunch Box. I was a growing boy once, and I remember being able to pack food away as if I were going into hibernation, but this lunch box is definitely not for those with weak stomachs!Having to dedicate all of that time to eating must mean he has to make room somewhere, and for this Animal that space is the memory banks. Animal has gained the reputation of being rather forgetful, as is evident by this white erase board reminder to Animal that Jenny’s surprise party is this weekend. Ah well, so much for the surprise, at least Animal will be there! We hope…

Animal may be mischievous and the source of jokes around the dormitory, but we only kid the ones we love. And, as I said above, we’ve all had our own Animal in our lives, and many of our memories would be just plain boring without him!

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