10 April 2009

Different from all the others

Walt Disney World has continued sought ways to entertain children, at no cost, while op Disney property. Kidcot Fun Stops, hidden Mickey scavenger hunts, a campfire sing-a-longs have all created time consuming, and fun (don’t forget fun), activities for children and their families. For the more solitary child, a tried and true manner in which to occupy them has always been the ever popular activity book.For a time, Walt Disney World produced and distributed smaller versions of the larger versions found in most grocery, thrift, or department store. Today’s Mickey’s Busy Book comes from the mid 1980s, and includes mazes, matching, coloring, connect the dots, and word search type activities. It even includes a brief cartoon strip on the back. Although Mickey’s Busy Book does not specifically refer to many attractions or locations, it does make allusion to two areas now shuttered to guests: Discovery Island and the Village Ice Cream Parlour and Bake Shop (though the cartoon’s animation looks more like it references a Bakery).These activity book would have easily been completed in a few minutes, but they were a way to connect children to experiences they had had in Walt Disney World or were about to have. Uniting memories or anticipation creates a lingering and lasting impression that is sure to have children asking, “When are we going back to Walt Disney World?”

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Cody said...

oh my goodness i so remember those. Getting one as a child on my first trip to WDW and eating at Chef Mickey's when it was where Rainforest is now.