10 April 2009

Goofy water

Sometimes, just sometimes, it can be the simplest, most often overlooked, experiences that enhance your time inside of Walt Disney World. What it takes from the average guest is a sense that there is a world of motion working around you constantly and that guest’s active involvement in their environment.

Take, for instance, this sidewalk painting of Goofy. A young Cast Member with a broom and a dustpan on Main Street U.S.A. is easy to ignore. Taking note of the facts that his dustpan is full of water and the bristles of his broom are bound together like an artist’s brush takes a little more effort. Appreciating the skill required to animate a beloved character with water on the pavement requires not only effort, but the time to watch the creation unfold. Standing there, watching Goofy come to life before my eyes, I felt very much like Jane and Michael Banks as they watched Bert work in Mary Poppins.

Of course, there are others who are on missions to get from Point A to Point B and do not have time to catch these little pieces, as is evident by the stroller tracks that appear across Goofy’s face. Tracks that appeared between the time Goofy was completed and the time it took for me to grab my camera.

I am not saying that people are malicious in their movements, or that they do not have a right to enjoy Walt Disney World in their own way, quite the contrary in fact. Each guest should find the experience that most enhances their enjoyment of the journey. But, for those seeking something a little deeper, a little less off the beaten path, to boost their journey, stumbling upon an artist at work, creating an unscheduled and brief piece of art, is truly a moment that can inspire wonder a build a better visit.


Beccaberry said...

What a beautiful post. People are continually asking me what it is that "brings me back" time after time to Disney World. "Haven't you seen it all yet?" they ask. This. This is what brings me back.

Unknown said...

I continue to enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work.

I am attaching a link to a post from Only WDWorld that has a picture of a "Mickey" water broom art done on Main St.


The more I visit DIsney World, the more I notice and enjoy all of the little extra things that they do.