15 April 2009

Speak Dublin-ese

Guests walk into Raglan Road at Downtown Disney for a number of reasons. They could be looking for some lively entertainment, perhaps a beverage or two, or even just a hearty meal, but, whatever the reason, chances are they are not looking closely at their coaster. While the top of the coaster showcases the Raglan Road name and icon, the back creates an opportunity for guests to learn Dublin-ese by offering a saying in the way it is heard, spelled, and how it translates. Here are a few of my favorites:

“So wheer yiz hidin’ the jax?”
(So where are you hiding the jax?)
Kindly direct me towards the restrooms.

“Pynt. Rappah. Plea – as.”
(Pint. Rapid. Please.)
Stout at your earliest convenience, if you please.

“Eed peel ‘n’ norange ‘n’ iz pokeh.”
(He would peel an orange in his pocket.)
I do believe it is time for him to buy the next round of drinks.

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