29 April 2009

A new era in animation

Once upon a time Disney-MGM Studios showcased a gifted group of individuals known as animators. This assembled talent worked on feature films such as Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, and Brother Bear, among others. While there are still animators and artists present within Disney’s Hollywood Studios, all extremely brilliant in their own rights, the production of feature animation has been halted for some time.

Back in 1989, just as Disney-MGM Studios was opening, the idea of being able to tour an animation studio currently working on films, some of which no one had seen any artwork for, was a brand new concept. This concept was something the park latched onto and made sure that guests were aware of. Presented below is the original press release for the animation tour.


Disneyphemera said...

The old Animation Tour is what I miss the most about Studios. This park used to be my favorite one due largely to this one attraction. I loved just wandering around observing the animators at work. Even there work areas were fascinating. I'll never forget seeing some of Beauty & the Beast being drawn there back in the early 90s.

Princess Fee said...

I miss the Animation Tour too...

Thanks for sharing and for sharing all your photos from The World!