01 October 2008

Reshape and revamp - Part I

One of my favorite things to marvel at while in Walt Disney World is what has changed, or rather, what is currently changing. The more minor the change, the more likely I am to be amazed at the fact that someone noticed and took the time to put the show back in proper order. While visiting Walt Disney World last week I noticed a veritable cornucopia of refurbishments. We’ll be looking at the various parks and their refurbishments over the next couple of weeks, but today we’ll start with the first park, since it is its thirty-seventh birthday.

Throughout the many faceted lands of the Magic Kingdom, walls and tarps could be found from the wilds of Adventureland to the untamed wilderness of Frontierland and along the streets of Fantasyland to the entrance of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Sometimes I was able to catch a glimpse beyond the walls, via holes in the walls or a well-placed bench, and sometimes I was lucky to find the sign to document the area’s closure. All Magic Kingdom refurbishments are equal in my eye, and are presented below.

Swiss Family Treehouse

Between Frontierland and Adventureland (near the designated smoking area)
Country Bear Jamboree
Pinocchio Village Haus
Tinker Bell’s Treasures
Entrance to Mickey’s Toontown Fair (side nearest to Tomorrowland)

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Unknown said...

Yep...refurb crazy this time of year! Let's hope some of it clears by MouseFest!