16 October 2008

The Wee Little Chapel in the Coop

A crack of dawn ceremony sounds just about right for a fowl affair, and even the idea of serving eggs at breakfast would be heartless. The wedding itself however, between Prunella Pullet and Hick Rooster, has been a long time coming.

Prunella and Hick were two of three named characters from the short Cock O’ the Walk, which was released in 1935. The third named character was O’ the Walk himself, who is regularly referred to as City Slicker.

The short revolved around the story of City Slicker who returns to his hometown a bona fide hero and world-champion boxer. All the chicks flock to adore him as he swaggers about. Prunella is so taken by City Slicker that she leaps into the ring to start dancing with Slicker. Hick Rooster, Prunella’s boyfriend, is obviously not thrilled by this turn of events and jumps into the ring himself, challenges Slicker to a match, and is subsequently pummeled. During the course of the fight, documents that reveal Slicker is, in fact, married fall into Prunella’s lap. Now a hen scorned, Prunella leaps to Hick’s battered side and tires to revive and cheer him on. Inspired by this turn of events, Hick not only recovers instantly, he also has gathered enough strength to K.O. Slicker.

Since then, Prunella and Hick have, apparently, been two love birds and have decided to wed. Perhaps, after the wedding, Minnie can fill us in on the juicy details. Did Prunella get cold feet and fly the coop? Did Slicker interrupt the wedding for Prunella’s hand or for a rematch with Hick? Or did our feather couple simply fly off into the sunset? I hope we find out soon!


Carly said...

yay! I'd never seen this before...

Unknown said...

Great research, Ryan!

It is amazing the ;evel of details that the Imagineers (and other employees) can draw upon to create these hidden gems.