13 October 2008

Right now at NASA

On October 1st, while Walt Disney World was turning 37 and Epcot was turning 26, NASA was also celebrating its birthday, its fiftieth to be exact. As a child who grew up in the backyard of not only Walt Disney World but also the space program, my most grand dream was to grow up and soar into outer space. Though my chances of becoming a true astronaut today, with all of my training devoted to what makes the G sound as opposed to pulling Gs, the dream that was instilled in my younger self still endures.

To mark NASA monumental achievements and its anniversary, though a few weeks late, let’s take a stroll around the courtyard of Mission: SPACE. Here, words from some of the world’s bravest heroes, brightest thinkers, and most intrepid are immortalized on a series of inspiring plaques.


Princess Fee said...

Oooh you are so sneaky! I was going to (eventually) post on these items too! Darn you for reading my mind!

A great post, nonetheless, especially considering how much I would love to go into space and that Mission: Space is one of mine and my dad's 'rides'.

PTA Transit Authority said...

Great post Ryan. More WDW info I did not know about. Thank you.