25 October 2008

Making a list

The holidays are upon us! Halloween is next week, Thanksgiving is less than a month away, Christmas and Hanukkah are only two months away, and my birthday is just a little over six weeks away (and yes, for those of you wondering, when your birthday is that close to Christmas it is tough. Not as tough as the set of twins I knew that were born on Christmas Day, but still…). So here is one geek’s wish list, in no particular order, for this celebration season.

Walt Disney’s Imagineering Legends and the Genesis of the Disney Theme Park – Jeff Kurtti, Bruce Gordon
The Art and Flair of Mary Blair – John Canemaker
Building a Dream: The Art of Disney Architecture – Beth Dunlop
Walt Disney’s Railroad Story: The Small-Scale Fascination That Led to a Full-Scale Kingdom – Michael Broggie
Disneyland Paris: From Sketch to Reality - Alain Littaye and Didier Ghez
The Imagineering Field Guide to Disneyland
Bhutanese Tales of the Yeti – Kunzang Choden
Lore and Legend of the Yeti

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Attraction Poster
Walt Disney World Railroad Attraction Poster
Christi Bunn’s France Pavilion (If Disney ever gets back to her...)

EPCOT Center Construction News – Volume 1 Number 4, June 6, 1982
The Dawn of a New Disney Era – A Commemorative Pre-Opening Guide to Epcot Center
Adventurer Almanacs (Thanks for getting me addicted to these Jeff!)
1983 Walt Disney World Bus Transportation Routes
Lou Mongello's Walt Disney World Trivia Calendar 2009
Disney News Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 1992
Set of 1989 Park Guide Maps
1978 Fort Wilderness Guide Map

Walt Disney Treasures – The Complete Davy Crockett Televised Series

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