21 October 2008

Pumpkins scream

Yesterday, Andy over at The Backside of Water posted some great Mickey Pumpkins, and quipped about placing Mickey’s face on the pumpkins. While I don’t know about the Mouse’s features, here are a couple of carving stencils to add a little Disney magic to your pumpkins this season, courtesy of Disney’s HalloweenTime.

I suggest, after printing your chosen pumpkin pattern of course, affixing it to your plump pumpkin with clear tape at both the bottom and top of the page before carving.

Oh, and here is a special picture just for Andy. That’s right, it is the backside of water.

1 comment:

Andy said...

Hah - I love it! Great the backside of water photo!

Nice stencils, I need to get to the parks during Halloween time... Now if they just had ones in MGM for a Death Star pumpkin (yes, I've seen photos of it done...)