20 October 2008

We Care so you can Scare

I am once again showcasing my mediocre photography skills, I promise to get better, to showcase a unique detail. This time we find intrigue at the Monsters, Inc. Meet and Greet. Along the queue are signs and photo ops a plenty, also, we find a bulletin board. Like most workplace boards we find health and safety posters, advertisements, and articles to make co-workers laugh. Someone, somewhere along the way has come up with the top ten ways to get fired. While crossing Roz and/or not filing paperwork seem to be the most common ways to find yourself unemployed, acting like Glenn Kim is right up there.

And just who is Glenn Kim? Turns out he is one of the crafters of cinematic excellence over at Pixar. He has worked on Cars, A Bug’s Life, and The Incredibles, among other films. On Monsters, Inc. specifically he worked as a production artist and CG painter. Glenn also, apparently, knows how to get fired from the Scare/Laugh Floor. You can check out more about Glenn Kim and his artwork on his site: Glenn Kim Art.

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