22 October 2008

Proudly presents your dinner

The Imagineering Field Guide to Disney’s Animal Kingdom has this to say about Flame Tree Barbecue:

“There is a delicious irony to the array of architectural motifs that adorn the shade structures and other fixtures of this area. Notice that each of the pairs of animals on a given structure (ants and anteaters, snakes and mice, spiders and bugs) represents a predator-and-prey relationship.”

This predator-and-prey theme is subtly worked into the designs of the dining pavilions in a variety of art forms, from wood carvings to kite-like banners, with a prismatic palate. Beyond the pavilions however, the depiction of this motif continues in unlikely, and even more subtle, ways. My favorite item, or should I say items, that display this predatory premise are these cooking utensils found near the counter of Flame Tree Barbeque.
From left to right: a slotted spoon with fish and bird, a fork with a snake and mouse, tongs with a waterfowl and insect, a ladle with what appears to be a feline and insect, and a fire poker with a lobster and worms.

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