06 October 2008

The most sophisticated information system ever devised

If you have been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the past few months, and have ventured through Pixar Place, you have seen some of the not-so-covert activities of the Green Army Men. However, do you know what their mission is? Turns out, they are on a communications operation.

Posted on the back door of the gatehouse looking building to the right of the Pixar Studios archway, as seen above, is the Green Army Men’s plan. The gatehouse itself has been labeled, by said plan, as the Command Post. And not only are the Green Army Men smart enough to create and post their plan, they also have a back-up plan in case their technology begins to glitch.

Plan A entails a Recon Position atop the Story Dept. building. From this post, the troop can lower the Signal Corps Communicator into position.

The back-up plan, or Plan B, requires a bit more manpower, as seven Green Army Men descend a large Top Secret Message Decoder from the roof of the Camera Dept.


Unknown said...

Great catch!

We saw this on Wednesday and my family was not as excited as I was!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

No one I showed it to were as excited as I was either...