09 October 2008

Circle of Life

Melody Malmberg, in The Making of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, says of Conservation Station, “Here is where the many threads of the park come together: animals and humans meeting face to face, to encounter the challenges ahead.”The embodiment of this idea can be seen by attuned guests as they make their way up the path from the Wildlife Express Train Station to main building of Conservation Station. Beneath each shelter along the trail are a series of images embedded in the walkway. Under the first canopy these etchings of trees, humans, fish, and other animals appear to have to relation to one another. Under consecutive shelters the pieces begin to notice one another before beginning to gravitate towards one another. This poetry in action culminates at the end of the path when all of the elements have entwined into a single piece where each element is dependent upon all of the other elements, just as the collection of elements are dependent upon the single element. A true Circle of Life and a sublime message of the bond and hope.

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