07 October 2008

Now approaching Mickey's Star Traders

Today the real world, or at least the world outside of Disney, and Walt Disney World collide. Growing up, my favorite comic strip was always Calvin and Hobbes. For years before owned any of the collections, of which I own all of them now, I would sit and cut each comic strip out of the newspaper and plaster it into a photo album. Some of my favorite stories always seemed to revolved around his scientific ingenuity or his alter-ego, Spaceman Spiff.
That is all to say that I was immediately struck upon walking into Mickey’s Star Traders in Tomorrowland a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been in the store in the past several visits, and only remember the city mural above the store. This trip I took a chance and looked around the entire store and found these Mickey’s plaster along the ends of the shelves.
Like a classic comic strip, as much story and energy is packed into each frame as Mickey sets on about his adventure. This is truly the Mickey of the future that never was, but to me, it is simply Spaceman Spiff’s long lost cousin and co-pilot, Spaceman Mickey.


Unknown said...

That is a great detail. I wonder if there is a way to verify the inspiration for that?

Calvin and Hobbes was amazing but didn't do a thing to prepare me for fatherhood!

Andy said...

I love it! I never put it together with Spaceman Spiff. Long live Calvin and Hobbes, off to find my Transmogrifier...