20 September 2008

Tell everybody I'm on my way

This afternoon my wife and I are off to Walt Disney World for the week. We'll stop in and see some family tomorrow before arriving at Pop Century on Monday morning. This trip will be filled with a few firsts, some lasts, and a lot of exciting memories I'm sure. But, fear not devoted readers, I will be sending some picture postcards back to the Main Street Gazette throughout the week.

In addition to live blogging, I have several articles set to run throughout the week, including a new series. The article from the Disney News last week seemed to be enjoyed so much, that the Main Street Gazette has decided to reprint Back Issues on Sundays.

I hope you enjoy all the articles, I hope you have a magical week, and I will see you on the other side of tomorrow.


Craig Wheeler said...

Enjoy your trip. I wish so bad that I could go down this week for the gathering and the last hoopla!

Looking forward to your updates.

Eric Hoffman said...

Ryan, we likely passed each other on the road. Me and the family left on the 20th.

Enjoy your stay, I know we did.