16 September 2008

Found on trail

This bulletin board, found within the borders of Serka Zong, offers some fascinating insight into mindset of the individuals who live and explore the Forbidden Mountain and the realm of the Yeti. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Here we see not only a map of India and a Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund decal, but also a note of warning. Many notes, varying in tone, are scattered about this bulletin board.

More notes have made their way onto the board, and yet how they managed to stay so pristine while being crammed through the wires covering the board is beyond me. We also see pieces of two posters famous in this region. As well, there appear to be several other pieces of paper with messages that have been erased by time.

Advertisements, maps, and notes permeate this corner. A note on the note here, the language of the letter is one I cannot make out, though the words Serka Zong, Yeti Palace Hotel, and See You Soon are easily read.

Not only do we find a map of Nepal, badges, decals, and other maps here, but we are given a word of caution about reporting a Yeti sighting. I don’t know about you, but I am certain it wasn’t a Siberian Ibex that I saw while riding the tea train on Expedition Everest!


Andy said...

Very cool - I have one of the postings from the original bulletin board [they had to change size/location for some reason] that was going for almost nothing on eBay. It is complete with post-it note message still attached.

Have to love how they go all out to make the bulletin boards all around the parks so authentic, not empty but not stuffed full either.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Isn't it amazing what sneaks by on eBay some times when no one else is looking? I'd love to see the original posting some time!