27 September 2008

Valiant to the end

Tonight is the last Last Call for the clubs of Pleasure Island. What, specifically, will replace each individual venue remains to be seen. Over the years I’ve made many a fond memory along that stretch of pavement, from recording a version of Eiffel 65’s Blue to having a song sung about my date, and I will miss no two clubs more than the Comedy Warehouse and the Adventurers Club, both of which I plan on stopping into tonight.

In the greatest tradition of love letters, I present to you today a letter from the Adventurers Club member Hathaway Browne to fellow member, and cuddlewinks, Weggie Wishmeyer.

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eaf said...

I am so sad that these clubs are closing. It's the end of an era. I also have many memories from PI, and it breaks my heart there will be no more to make.