18 September 2008

Off through the woods

This week I had the opportunity to work with Bryan Ripper (whom I had the pleasure of spending Disney's Animal Kingdom's 10th Anniversary with) and Jonathan Dichter (or the Al Jardine to my Bryan Wilson,... oh, wait we moved beyond that) from All About the Mouse and Jeff from Words of a Dis Hippy on a segment for this week’s episode of All About the Mouse. Bryan and Jonathan were gracious hosts, and I hope everyone checks out the episode, not just for the Fort Wilderness segment I assisted on, but also for the unbelievable show that Bryan and Jonathan put together week in and week out.

Today I thought I’d showcase a few pieces of my Fort Wilderness memorabilia alongside a Fort Wilderness installment of Dis-tionary.
Tri-Circle-D Ranch/Tri-Circle-D Farm – Reminiscent of typical ranch names, Tri-Circle-D’s name comes from the three circles that form a Mickey silhouette (Tri-Circle) and the Disney name (D).

Comfort Station – Tactically located facilities that are found throughout the loops of Fort Wilderness. Each Comfort Station is equipped with men’s and women’s restroom and shower (private) facilities, a laundry room, phones (house and pay), bulletin board, and an ice machine.

Kambak’s Raiders – Kambak’s Raiders is the name that was give to the crew working for Keith Kambak, the part designer, planner, constructor, and operator of Fort Wilderness during and after its construction. They were known for “acquisitioning” equipment and supplies that had been abandoned, or rather left unattended. These forays were most common, and most effective, during the night time hours.


Craig Wheeler said...

Great job on the podcast. I just listened during my run today.

bigbrian-nc.com said...

Hi Ryan, the next to last item pictures the print of mickey and Minnie in a canoe, is that a postcard? Or is it more like a notecard ( with no dividing line on the back), or some type of card that opens up?

Ryan P. Wilson said...


It is a notecard that opens upward and is blank inside. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan, that's what I suspected, it's still a nifty card even though it's not a post card.