06 September 2008

A real spicy number

No, Disney hasn’t banned Jeff Pepper and his raucous diversions.

A majority of the signs that are found inside of Disney's Hollywood Studios Studio 1 store are full of well placed puns and easy laughs. With all the gags to see in the store, this sign usually causes most to stop and scratch their heads for a moment before moving on to a sign about Hot Sets. Yet, the implied pun here is just as witty, if a bit specific.

Pepper games are a type of warm-up game played in baseball. In these games a player hits ground balls to a group of players standing close in on the infield. This group of players then tries to catch/pick up the ball as it is moving and throwing it back to the batting player. The batting player in turn tries to hit the ball again. The process is then repeated.

Due to player injuries, the high risk of a wild ball entering the stands and hitting a bystander, and the damage inflicted on the infield grass ballparks have banned pepper games, usually with signs stating “NO PEPPER” near the border of the field.

Unfortunately, the Muppets, presumably Gonzo and his big beak, have apparently been playing games with black pepper from a shaker. Not only could this induce horrible sneezing fits in Guests, it is also a waste of a perfectly good seasoning.


Jeffrey Pepper said...

This has long been one of my family's favorite "Kodak" spots for obvious reasons. I have photos there going all the way back to the early 1990s and have to admit we never got the joke. Thanks for the explanation.

Unknown said...

Great catch, Ryan! (Pun intended!)

Jeff--I know that all of your fans would LOVE to see the pictures of you as you age gracefully next to the sign!