15 September 2008

Brings these movies to life

When it comes to trips to Walt Disney World, this is the week that my wife hates most of all. Not the week that we spend there or the week we get back, this is the week before the trip. It’s not that she dislikes going by any means, it’s just that I become a different person during this week. This is the week filled with anticipation, the thoughts of what I will be doing this time next week, the “too excited to sleep” moments, the packing, last minute planning, and making sure I have everything I need to hook-up with friends while I am there. Basically it is, more than any other week, the week I can only talk about Walt Disney World. Any other subject is beneath me.

This will only be my wife and I’s third trip to Walt Disney World together, our first as a married couple, but I couldn’t say what trip number it is for me since I have been with her. Each week becomes a little more bearable for her as we devise ways to make the time, well, a little more bearable for her. One of our time-tested and favorite traditions is the movie countdown.

In the spirit of Walt Disney World’s resort television Top Seven Must Sees (See: Stacey http://staceyjaswad.com/animals.htm), we have our Top Seven Must Sees, Before We Leaves. The list changes with every trip, but generally consists of 1 Vacation Planning DVD, 3 Live Action Disney Films, and 3 Animated Features. Occasionally a Disney Treasure will take the place of one of the Live Action or Animated Features. But the one rule that stands firm that there has to be a reference to the movie somewhere within one of the four theme parks, of course that leaves selection pretty well open.

The classic Cinderella is always a must, as it is Cinderella Castle that was the first East Coast icon, as is Peter Pan. For Live Action, I am a staunch supporter of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and yet, I know of only one film that has made it into every cycle of our Top 7, The Haunted Mansion. Yes, this movie is bad. Yes, I know how well the movie could have been done. Yes, we know it is campy, definitely not a cinematic blockbuster, and is probably best left forgotten, but we don’t care, we love it anyway (And not just because I drank the Disney Kool-Aid a long time ago). Other films that come and go from the list include Lady and the Tramp, Toy Story, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean II and III, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid, The Rocketeer, Alice in Wonderland, and, making its debut this week, The Three Caballeros, among others.

This tradition is one that I am sure will continue, as it gives us something to both be excited about at the same time, while focusing my scattered enthusiasm into one spot, at least for a moment. I feel that this sort of film festival would work for any size family, as it opens a dialogue about what experiences Walt Disney World has to offer, and what adventures are about to be undertaken. Plus, it is a great excuse to watch a week’s worth of Disney films!

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