05 July 2013

Something very wrong with that horse

Yesterday I spoke about how there were some areas of The Lone Ranger feature film, which was released earlier this week, that concerned me. While some of my fears, such as length and overuse of computer generated special effects, were proven fact after a single viewing, I also found it to have a lot of fun elements that I could get behind. Of course, if you want to get behind the scenes of The Lone Ranger all you have to do is take a trip on the Studio Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As you exit the loading area aboard your tram, making that first turn to the left, you’ll see an island along the roadway. For a long time it had been home to one of the bone cages from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Now, the front facade that formed the second floor of the Colby, Texas courthouse has taken up residence in the median.

It is a little worse for wear, but it is still easily recognized in the film. For those headed out to see The Lone Ranger this weekend, you can catch the courthouse signage directly behind the Lone Ranger and Silver as they make themselves known to the crowd during the climactic battle scene.

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