24 July 2013

Handsome Hunk of Beef

Pecos Bill has always been known for rustling up some grub, particularly when it comes to his always popular fixin’s bar. The main entrees have always served as the vehicle with which to get at the sautéed mushrooms, cheese sauce, and other items scattered about the highfalutin toppings stand. Recently they’ve added a platter to the menu which could just give the condiment station a run for its money.

Known as the Steak and Pork Platter, this plate offers up a little bit of everything and stops just short of throwing the kitchen sink on there. A decent portion of steak is joined by a heap of barbeque pork, fresh salsa, corn on the cob, and a hunk of cornbread. Pardon the picture, I was so ready to dig into the corn on the cob, that I had to take the picture well after I had the kernels stuck between my teeth.

Speaking of corn it can be found all throughout this platter and really deserves its name in the title somewhere. The corn on the cob in firm and sweet, and there was not a dried out kernel on the entire ear, or ear segment, that I had. Cornbread tends to fall in to one of two categories, dry and salty or moist and sweet, and Pecos Bill’s version definitely falls into the moist and sweet category. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that there was definitely a hint of honey in the recipe. Lastly, but certainly not least, the salsa as chock full of corn, black beans, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Honestly, I could have done with a portion three times the size of the salsa, it was that fresh and that good.

Moving on to the main courses, let’s take a bite out of the barbeque. I get that I am spoiled living in Western North Carolina where there is some of the best barbeque in the country, but I’m always disappointed by Walt Disney World barbeque. This falls more into the category of Sloppy Joe type of dish for me. The mound is has a tangy sauce to it, but it simply tastes like something I could get out of a tub at the grocery store rather than real barbeque.

That being said, you would think the steak would also disappoint me. However, I think it was a fair cut of beef. For the price I wasn’t expecting a steak reminiscent of Le Cellier or Yachtsman Steakhouse, but I got something that, when added in with the rest of the plate, was probably worth more than I paid for it. Top it off with a sensational chimichurri sauce and I am a happy camper.

When I saw the new platter on the menu at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, I knew I had to give it a once over. I can put my barbeque predilections on the back burner long enough to tell you that there are enough great items on this plate that you should give it a try! It may be a bit pricey for a quick service meal, but I am willing to bet it will make a dent in the appetite of any of your resident carnivores, also known as teenage boys, that you happen to be dining with.


Jenn said...

Awww. I know I'm the only one who ever feels this way, but I actually prefer my cornbread unsweetened. Ah well. My day is bound to come!

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