29 July 2013

Fanciful and Unexpected

Often times we someone is speaking about Walt Disney World it is often about the marquee attractions and how amazing they are or the emotional and bombastic nighttime spectaculars that burn themselves into our memories. Yet, there are plenty of smaller experiences that can make or break a day in the parks at Walt Disney World. So, today, we’re looking at just five of them. The five things, within the four parks, that can make your trip better and that most guests are not taking advantage of.

Shows – We all talk about the big shows like Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, or the selections of 3D films. So often, however, we forget to really sing the praises of shows like Flights of Wonder, Enchanted Tiki Room, the travelogues of World Showcase, or Hall of Presidents. Each has a place in the history and story of Walt Disney World, and they are a great way to entertain and while away a few hours. Oh, and did I mention that many of them are inside with air conditioning, and that even the ones outside have shade and fans? That is not a bad way to rejuvenate in the hot Florida afternoons.

The Trails of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – The trails are well known for their tiger and gorilla habitats, but there is so much more to the trails. Aviaries with fowl friends the likes of which I’m almost certain you’ve never seen, close encounters with hippopotamuses, bats, and smaller creatures, and lush plant life, some of which dates back to the days of the dinosaurs, can all be witnessed along the trails. Plus, for those guests that take the time to wander the trails around the Tree of Life, they are able to get up close and personal with the carved sculptures found on the tree.

Post-Show Galleries – We’ve often spoke about the galleries in World Showcase and the cinematic archive displays of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m looking more towards Test Track, Spaceship Earth, Mission: SPACE, The Seas, and even the Imagination Pavilion. Each has interactive games to further the spread of knowledge in a given area. Sharks, mission control, music, art, power grids, medical advancements, and fuel efficiency are just a few of the stations in the post-show areas that guests tend to breeze right through.

Liberty Square Riverboat – Once upon a time there were a myriad of craft that could be used to ply the waterway known as the Rivers of America. Picture a busy vehicle day on Main Street, U.S.A., but on water. Gone are the canoes and keelboats, and though the river rafts still run from shore to shore, the only real way to motor on down the river and see all of its scenes is the Liberty Belle. Guest can feel the breeze generated from the movement of the boat while they sit back and enjoy the ride. It may be a relic from bygone days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for it in today’s touring.

Unique Culinary Opportunities – It’s easy to find hamburgers, French fries, and chicken nuggets in all of the parks, but there is so much more to be sampled. In the past it wouldn’t have been so easy to find something new to try, but Walt Disney World has made a concerted effort to improve its mealtime offerings, even at quick service locations. Slow cooked barbeque, fresh vegetables, stir fry, specialties from around the country and around the globe can all be found if guests are only willing to step outside the bun and nugget mindset.

There are so many other little moments that can be captured to create incredibly successful trips and memories to last a lifetime. These are but a few of the ways to give your trip those memories, and they don’t even touch upon the gardens, One Man’s Dream, tours like Behind the Seeds, and so many others. It doesn’t take doing everything to make a great trip, just making sure to keep the trips balanced and to try new things, that’s the way to really find some magic.

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Gator Chris said...

Totally agree.

To me, these things are integral to the depth and texture of Disney theme parks.

Thanks for spreading the word.