10 July 2013

Beignet Square

Port Orleans – French Quarter has all of the charm of New Orleans, but is rarely as crowded, noisy, or rambunctious as the French Quarter for which it is named. It has a great pool in Doubloon Lagoon, sits along the Sassagoula River, and has cleverly named squares, but you need another reason to visit, don’t you? Alright, then feast your eyes upon these beauties!

Beignets came to Louisiana in the 1700s and were then known as a type of fritter that could be stuffed with fruit, plantains were the choice of the times, or savory items. Over time the pastry became known as a dessert, with the fried dough being covered with a heaping pile of powdered sugar. The most common spot associated with the fried fritters these days is Café du Monde, and the dessert has become so popular in Louisiana that they were named the official state doughnut in 1986. But let’s get back to Port Orleans – French Quarter’s offering.

Available in the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, their version of beignets come in the traditional serving of three or a double serving, for family consumption, of six. The powder sugar is not scrimped on, as there is still a mound of sugar on the beignets, even though the sugar is applied just after the doughnuts are pulled from the frialator. Having come straight from the fryer, the beignets are hot and some of the powdered sugar forms a glaze coating each pillow of fried dough. That is something to think about as well, even though they are large in size, and one is enough to fill me up, they are actually quite airy. The outside is crispy and crunchy, but the inside has little strands of soft dough and air pockets so large they could easily house a sausage.

The great thing about the beignets at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is that they are only available at this one locations, and not everywhere across property. Even Riverside Mill Food Court, just down river and still part of the Port Orleans name, doesn’t have the beignets. Are they as good as what you would find in New Orleans? Probably not. Are they definitely on my list of unique and great tasting food items that you should try in your culinary tour of Walt Disney World? You’d better believe it!

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