17 July 2013

Pick of the Crop

Short and sweet, sometimes you find something that surprises you in Walt Disney World. Often times the beverage selection at quick service restaurants is resigned to the standard soda selections, bottled water, and a pair of tea offerings. At Flame Tree Barbeque they have something a bit different to quench your thirst.

The Mandarin Orange Lemonade has all the hallmarks of a summertime thirst buster. It is sweet, has a twinge of tart, and is best served ice cold! Both the orange and lemon flavors find a way to shine through, and it pairs wonderfully with any of the barbeque options, from ribs to chicken, available at Flame Tree Barbeque. There isn’t much more to be said about the Mandarin Orange Lemonade, save for it is one of those unique items that is always a pleasant surprise to find tucked away on a menu!

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