15 July 2013

On to the Stars

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite spots to view parades or fireworks. Of course, sometimes you second guess turning over your perfect hidden spots out of the fear that once the word is out that quiet corner will be overrun. Today, however, let’s look at my favorite spot to check out something a little bit different, rocket launches.

With the ending of the Space Shuttle program, I think many guests who would turn a noncommittal eye to the sky have stopped paying attention to potential launches on the nearby Space Coast. What guests are missing out on are the chances to see missions reaching for the stars. There are several places on property to see such wonders, but let me show you my favorite spot.

So, can you spot the Atlas V rocket launch in this photograph? No? While I promise that it’s there, I won’t fault you for not being able to see it. How about taking a look at the trail the Atlas V left behind?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I like to stand on the bridge between the France and UK pavilions in World Showcase to watch launches. I know plenty of people like to hang out around Mission: SPACE or Space Mountain given the event they are witnessing, but something about watching humankind reach for stars in a place where there are glimpses of the world all around us.

While you may not have seen the glow of the Atlas V in my photographs today, I promise that in person you have a great vantage point to see the takeoffs in all their glory. They may not be as flashy or garner the kind of attention that the shuttles did when they went into orbit, but they are still an important part of exploring the places above our horizons. Walt Disney World has a ton of places to view these events, where do you like to go to watch launches?

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