19 July 2013

Miner's Hall

The Gold Dust Saloon is situated in the town of Tumbleweed, around which the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad races. The town is rapidly running out of citizens and is sinking into rising floodwaters just as quickly, but the patrons of the Gold Dust Saloon keep carrying on a cavorting like the gold in them hills is going to last forever. If you happen by during the day, you’ll catch a snipet of the tinny piano as you whirl by. In the evenings, however, Gold Dust comes to life and you can see the drunken miners and saloon hall girls in silhouette behind the dimly lantern-lit windows.

The Gold Dust Saloon may be slowly succumbing the rising waters, but after the recent refurbishment of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the hall gained a bit more notoriety. How so you ask? Well, in order to attract more patrons Gold Dust posted a flyer inside the Mining Co.

From this poster it is confirmed that the Gold Dust Saloon plies all sorts of vices, from cigars to a large variety of alcoholic beverages. The poster also has some great wordplay, noting that the saloon is open Rain “Ore” Shine, and that the hall is next door to Hydrate and Wither’s Dry Goods. Perhaps my favorite piece worth noting on this poster is that the Gold Dust Saloon now has a proprietor, and her name is Mother Lode.

Be sure to stop by for a drink or a swim the next time you happen to be passing through Tumbleweed!

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