17 August 2011

Made him feel like a crumb

Walt Disney World foodies are a special breed. We want great food, we know what makes a fantastic meal, and we know where to find it. On the flip side, we are also willing to praise a gourmet burger that, for quick service in Walt Disney World, is great, but that would almost certainly not stack up to burgers we’ve found elsewhere beyond the property line. We are an odd bunch, and we do know when to say something just isn’t up to par, but we also forget about simple things.

As one of these Walt Disney World foodies, we tend to write articles about unique food items or surprising favorites. Items like the cinnamon roll at the Main Street Bakery, Kouzzina’s lamb burger, or Dad’s Traditional Meatloaf from 50’s Prime Time Cafe are typical fare for our mouth-watering commentaries. Yet, there are plenty of regular, every day elements that we rarely talk about, but that are created with just as much care as the dishes we talk about daily.

We may nibble on these meal components at any time during a given day, such as the bearclaw from the Royal Anandapur Tea Company or a root beer float found at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies pictured here, and find them at a variety of locations, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of a few words or Twitpics. The truth is, these common items are what cause us to have such rave reviews of the other, more intriguing meals that we find. How, you might ask? Simple, an regular meal item done well makes the above average look stunning in comparison. It also fills us up as we go through the day anticipating certain items, never allowing hunger to cloud our perception of what we are devouring.

A well done root beer float may not be cause for celebration, but it certainly takes the sting out of a hot summer day just as well as a Dole Whip. The only difference between the two is that one is commonplace and one is a Walt Disney World original and tradition. These items deserve a bit more respect that we Walt Disney World foodies have given them, as they are just as much a part of the culinary experience of the resort as La Cava del Tequila’s Ruby Margarita or Mickey Waffles. I, for one, know I have taken them for granted and hope I can change my tune (or should that be menu?).


Makin' Memories said...

This makes me think of my husband and his chocolate muffin. He looks forward to those chocolate muffins for breakfast every trip. And now I want a cheese danish from Kusafiri.

Anonymous said...

I'm personally all about the lemonaide slushy!! :)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Melissa - We all have our vices, and a chocolate muffin sounds like a great one!

Michelle - I don't think you're alone, I'm losing count of the number of people I know who love the slushy!

Alex Cenac said...


A Mickey Bar is just vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate. It is readily available anywhere. However, sharing a Mickey Bar with my 4 year-old rode after she rode Big Thunder for the first time is something completely different. It just tastes better. It is slightly messier. It makes that smile slightly bigger as well.

Keep up the great work. I appreciate the hard work.

@ajcenac - twitter