25 August 2011

Meet the toys

There is a lot of joy and sadness exuded from the guests as they make their way through and exit Once Upon A Toy in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. Joy in finding that perfect toy to play with or take home to a loved one, and sadness from the youngsters who have been told they cannot purchase the perfect toy they found to play with. As with many destinations around Walt Disney World, there is an awe affect that comes from viewing the larger than life toys and games in the shop. This is generally pushed aside by immediate rush of having so many board games, stuffed animals, vehicles, figures, and other toys to choose from.

One piece that often gets overlooked stands directly behind a sales counter in the dead center of Once Upon A Toy. The mural is a representation of a toy workshop that is eerily reminiscent of Geppetto’s, the woodcarver/toymaker who becomes Pinocchio’s father. Without a second glance, the wooden soldiers, puppets, and other old-fashioned toys appear to be the only ones present in the mural. A closer inspection reveals many Toy Story characters (Buzz, Woody, Rex, and Potato Head), Winnie the Pooh, and even Mickey Mouse. It is a spot that is worthy of a little extra attention, if only in those fleeting moments while you are purchasing that perfect toy.


Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

I love this mural! My kids noticed on our last trip, right away all their favorite characters. But I agree, I believe it is easily overlooked!

Ben from RI said...
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Ben from RI said...

Great article Ryan. I believe that you may have "overlooked" some other characters in the mural. I believe I saw Bambi and Weezy on the shelves and and almost certain that the piggy bank in the window is a nod to Ham. Depending on when it was painted thier may be more (possibly Fantasia 2000). Love the articles and thank you for your devotion.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Beth - Once Upon A Toy is filled with so many details that could be passed over. I'm really glad your kids picked up on this one!

Ben - You're right, there are tons of toys in the mural! I listed only a few in the hopes that readers, like yourself, would seek out others. Thanks for the keen eye!