12 August 2011

Sharkus Gigantus

Disney has a history of concocting scientific names for the various plants and animals they bring to life. Look no further than the trees that cradle treehouses in Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom for Tarzan and the Swiss Family Robinson, respectfully. Today, however, we’re going to look at something that’s a little wetter and packs a bigger bite, the Sharkus Gigantus.

A complete creature, snout to tailfin, has not been spotted in Typhoon Lagoon, but the chompers of the Sharkus Gigantus, also known as the Really Big Shark, were left behind after the terrible storm passed through. As the story is told is told, “This set of jaws from a Great White was found on the beach after the legendary typhoon. If its original owner is still living in the water of Shark Reef we haven’t seen him… yet.”

That’s right, these great pearly whites can be found near the Shark Reef area of Typhoon Lagoon. The manner in which this gaping maw has been strung up makes for the perfect photo op for the brave members of your party who dared to swim with the (smaller) sharks. It is also one of the few designed photo spots that doesn’t come readily equipped with a PhotoPass photographer. Which means you can arrange your group in whatever bizarre cluster formation you can dream up.

Oh, and if you go out in search of Sharkus Gigantus, I'd recommend not using the abundant floating tubes of Typhoon Lagoon in your pursuit. In my opinion, you're going to need a bigger boat (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

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