24 August 2011

Home on the range

Every year guests descend upon Epcot in the fall to wander through World Showcase turned International Marketplace to fill themselves full of nibbles from around the globe. Removing ourselves from the International Food and Wine Festival, and the need for full blown meals, World Showcase provides small plates aplenty every day of the year. Take, for instance, these pot stickers.

Found at Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavilion, the pot stickers come in a carton of three with a small container of dipping sauce. Each pot sticker is grilled, not boiled or fried, leaving one side with a caramel-colored charring that gives it a crunchy quality. Of course, this also the top sized as doughy and slippery. The pork filling is small, but offers enough flavor, especially when coupled with the salty dipping sauce.

While they may not be the best thing on the menus of World Showcase, their cost is similar to those of the appetizer size dishes from the marketplace kiosks of the International Food and Wine Festival. Year round, World Showcase is a great place for dining, whether it is a full meal, a quick snack, or just a small bite.

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