30 August 2011

Its most famous citizen

Over the forty year history of Walt Disney World, no single area has seen more construction, demolition and refurbishment than the corner known as Mickey’s Birthdayland/Starland/Toontown Fair. For much of its lifespan, the area was announced to be temporary, meaning guests had a limited amount of time in which they would be able to visit with Mickey in his dressing room or home in Duckburg or, later, Toontown.

Temporary had a way of becoming permanent, that is until the recent expansion of Fantasyland that engulfed the former home of the cartoon stars. Of course, when Mickey’s Toontown Fair did come to town, the small facades and realistic looking houses were converted into more toon-approved abodes. One such domicile to receive the toon treatment was Mickey’s house. It’s a good thing he has such a loyal group of characters, I mean friends, to help him remodel!

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