31 August 2011

Like a carnival

Food is like fashion, what’s been around for a while can suddenly become the greatest thing since sliced bread and what’s old can become new again. In the past several years food trucks, generally found in populous areas or at regional festivals, have begun to hit the streets everywhere. Foodies fan out in search of the next big gourmet dish to be served curbside, as if they were on some sort of culinary scavenger hunt. These mobile feeding frenzies have yet to permeate the gates of Walt Disney World, but perhaps it is time they found that perfect parking spot in the parks.

Last week, John Frost at The Disney Blog reported that food trucks were inching closer and closer to Walt Disney World. In fact, a collection of foodmobiles can now regularly be found a little more than a mile from Downtown Disney. But, close isn’t on property, and close only counts in horseshoes.

So, where would these trucks park themselves once their convoy breached to borders of Walt Disney World? Where else, Disney’s Animal Kingdom. What, I have to explain that one? Okay.

As mentioned above, the most prominent parking locations for such trucks tend to be in or around street festivals, state fairs, and the like. While not precisely a fair, DinoLand U.S.A.’s Dino-Rama does offer the same type of feel to it. Heck, it’s even sprung out of a parking lot! Adding a second parking lot with a semicircle of taco, barbeque, vegetarian, or even cupcake trucks and picnic table seating would make a lot of sense.

Being Walt Disney World, the trucks would likely look mobile, while in reality they would be a more permanent structure. Similarly, food trucks have the option of changing their menus as they sit fit, whereas Disne would like have a more permanent fare selection. Still, the scent of the grilled meats, fresh cut French fries, and baked goods would surely call in the customers. And if the foods needed an odor boost, we all know Disney is not afraid to pump up the volume with a smellitzer.

The truth is, food trucks are a recognized part of the culinary culture. Whether they stand the test of time or are revealed as just a fad is yet to be seen, but they have left their mark on the foodie landscape and, for that, they have earned a spot among the continually diversifying food landscape in Walt Disney World. What better place than Dino-Rama, a parking lot begging for fantastic fare!


Ben from RI said...

A better spot might be to have them at the Bus Depots through out the parks. This way as you wait for your bus from one place to another (which can be a long wait as many of us have seen)you can grab a bite to eat or some icecream for you kids. And as an added bonus put it in you Disney Dining Plans. I know I'd have loved this when we were in line for a bus from HS to our hotel and the kids started to get hungry.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Ben - That's a good idea too! After the article ran, I also had the notion that somewhere around Downtown Disney would work as well.