07 August 2011

Disney This Week - 7 August 2011

Suzannah DiMarzio gives some insight into some electrifying magic on ZannaLand.

Walt’s Writers and Jessica Clawson take a peek at Windows of Main Street.

Fiona Doyle is taking DF’82 on the road a looking into casting in the kingdoms.

Matt Hochberg showcases some terrific pieces of concept art of Disney-MGM Studios at Studios Central.

Over at DisneyShawn, Shawn Slater must be a dead man, because he’s telling tales of Tortuga Tavern.

AJ Wolfe has found a pair of battling apple pie apples at The Disney Food Blog.

The Disney Obsession and Greg Grimsley give us another quite spot to let it all wash away in: The Temple of Heaven.

Melissa Loflin breaks down the experience of meeting Phineas and Ferb for Makin’ Memories.

Teriyaki nuggets are on the menu for Sarah Holodick and Eating WDW.

Richard at DesignerLand is continually created posters and shirts I must have. The latest poster I need to adorn my wall is his Walt Disney World/Florida concept.

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