19 August 2011

Flux duct

Sometimes, a scene sets itself. The spire of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Spaceship Earth. The Hollywood Tower Hotel, home to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Then again, sometimes an attraction needs a few more details to get guests into the story. DinoLand U.S.A. does a great job of telling the story of a dig site on the grow. The Dino Institute, the typical museum to the extinct, fits the bill as well. However, the real story is of The Dino Institute is the CTX Time-Rovers and the Chrono-Tech that they use.

In most cases, this type of miraculous discovery would be presented in a lavish showcase. The Dino Institute, however, is still being housed in its Sub-Basement Research Facility. Also known as Sector CTX-WDI-AK98 (CTX – the attraction’s original name, Countdown To Extinction, WDI – Walt Disney Imagineering, AK98 – Animal Kingdom 1998 [the park’s opening year]), the area is filled with pipes, concrete, electrical boxes and loose wiring.While the pipes feature various chemical compounds, including those for mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup (harkening back to the days when the attraction was sponsored by McDonald’s) and Ordorised Time Flow, the real time traveling story comes from the processes byproducts. The various side effects are held in large white pipes the appear overhead after guests return from their blast to the past, just prior to disembarking.

So, what is left over from the Time Rovers’ travels?
Reclaimed Time Flux
Magnetic Coil Exhaust
Flux Duct
Excess Void
Dynamic Time Flow

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