17 June 2011

Welcome to Sitka

To the average guest, it may appear that the acquisition of props seems to have stalled somewhere in the last decade. Yet, a sharp eye will show new additions sneak in all the time. Take, for instance, this sign that is clearly from somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

From the Trimaxian Drone Ship set down in the background, we can tell this welcome sign is somewhere in the boneyard of the Studio Backlot Tour. (Yes, I did know the name of the ship from Flight of the Navigator without looking. And you’re right, I didn’t get out much in my teenage years…) But the real trick is where it came from. From all indications it definitely came from Washington state, Canada, or Alaska, right? Would you believe me if I told you it was actually shipped to Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Rockport, Massachusetts?

The sign was used in the 2009 summer romcom (romantic comedy), The Proposal, which starred Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. In the film Andrew, played by Reynolds, is from the town of Sitka, which actually resides in Alaska. The town of Rockport was used in place of Sitka, with quite a bit of set dressing. Everything from new shop names to computer generated mountains were used to create a sense of Alaskan life for the East Coast town. Yet, no town would be completed without a welcome sign, and this specific marker resided alongside a pair of totem poles in Rockport’s Dock Square.

Inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, be sure to keep your wits about you, because you never know what new prop could have arrived since your last visit to the park!


Matt said...

+1 for finding this photo.

-1 for using the word "romcom" ;)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Matt, ah, such is the way of Hollywood... ;^)