29 June 2011

Xsstremeleee delirah

Much like the land it is from, that would be Ireland for the uninitiated, Raglan Road has such a storied history that it would be almost impossible to do it justice in a single article. And so, for this piece, we are going to stick to a single meal that was had in the establishment. Leaving a wealth of tales behind for another day.First off, the dinner at Raglan Road can be a boisterous affair. With a house band that plays six nights a week and dancing exhibitions, it can get loud. But trust me when I say that is precisely why you want to be there. If you don’t want to feel like you’re in a crowded pub, then this is not the restaurant for you.To start my meal off, I had the skewered chicken known as Drunk Chicken. The strips of chicken had been marinated in whiskey and came paired with a Dalkey honey mustard dipping sauce. This may seem like a typical restaurant starter, but what makes the Drunk Chicken so unique is that the chicken is skewered and grilled, not battered and fried. The kick of the mustard, the small bits of charred meat, and the whiskey that forms a glaze on the chicken makes what seems ordinary, extraordinary.For my main course, I wanted something traditional, but yet entirely contemporary. Luckily for me, and thanks to Master Chef Kevin Dundon, that pretty much meant the entire menu was fair game. In the end, I selected Beef Murray, a pie stuffed with beef curry, spinach, mushrooms and potatoes, accompanied by an apple chutney. This dish brought just the right amount of heat, with a pie dough that successfully sopped up some of the spice so that I was not continually reaching for my beverage. The chutney added a nice sweet and tangy kick to the entire ensemble.In the end, the meal was great, the ambiance was great, and the prices for a sit down meal in Walt Disney World were reasonable. If you are looking for a unique dining experience in Downtown Disney, make sure to give Raglan Road a whirl. I think you’ll be mighty glad you did.

Oh, and for those of you who might be wondering about what the title of this article means? Xsstremeleee delirah is Dublinese for Very happy.

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