26 June 2011

Disney This Week - 26 June 2011

My favorite nighttime activity, the Electrical Water Pageant, is covered by Chuck Lionberger and Disney Daddy.

Deb Wills takes a gander at a 1976 GAF Magic Kingdom guide in Deb’s Digest.

Similarly, George Taylor compares and contrasts several early Magic Kingdom park maps at Imaginerding.

Melissa Loflin lights up the night when she discusses Epcot's fiber optic walkways in Makin' Memories.

This article on Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar by Kevin Kidney really makes me want a Shipwreck Cocktail.

The title of the Michael Crawford article on Progress City, U.S.A. tells you everything you need to know: EPCOT: Origins – A Model Future, 1978.

Disney Every Day scribe, Amanda Tinney, breaks down some of the great freebies available in Walt Disney World.

Matt Hochberg finds the prequel story of RX-24 over at Studios Central.

The Disney Food Blog and AJ Wolfe finally dispatch on the icon food item that has become synonymous with the site, the Mickey Waffle.

In a fascinating piece, Suzannah DiMarzio looks at what a period authentic Disney princesses would look like on Zannaland.

I also have several bits of well-belated business to share with all of you.

First up, for the fans of Walt Disney himself, a recent auction by Swann Galleries included a menu from the studio restaurant autographed by Walt Disney. The lot sold for $3,600 dollars on April 21.Next, Charles Ott released his pen and ink illustration of the Walt Disney World icon, Cinderella Castle.Last, but not least, Stefan Lawrence has designed a set of park posters for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary.

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