15 June 2011

It came from the snack bar

It is a rare thing for me to find a treat in France’s Boulangerie Patisserie that doesn’t measure up to a counterpart elsewhere around Walt Disney World. Generally, if a pastry shares a name with a rival at the Patisserie, it just doesn’t stack up. I have, however, found one exception: the Napoleon stashed away at Starring Rolls in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

At the Boulangerie Patisserie the Napoleon is filled with gobs and mounds of crème patisserie, also known as custard. The problem with this level of custard, not generally a complaint mind you, is that it weighs down the thin, delicate layers of pastry. The Patisserie’s version of the Napoleon also veers away from the traditional frosting topping, and opts for powdered sugar, which is a blessing in disguise.

Meanwhile, across property at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Starring Rolls has stuck to the time tested recipe for a Napoleon. From the top down, it is a tasty textbook formula. The icing at the top, alternating ribbons of white and chocolate frosting that is then combed to present an almost feathery pattern. The two layers of custard are thin and sweet, and is so light that you can actually see between the individual layers of flaky pastry. As for the pastry dough? It is crisp and airy, and so thin it will melt on your tongue.

My infatuation with all things Starring Rolls is no surprise, any bakery on property often gets a thumbs up from me, what does surprise me is when the Boulangerie Patisserie can be outdone. In the case of Napoleons, or cupcakes, you are better off to stick to Starring Rolls. The dense Patisserie’s Napoleon is too heavy to carry with you the rest of the day in World Showcase, while the Rolls’ Napoleon is the perfect way to start your day, or as a brief interlude between Hollywood adventures!


Matt said...

Shouldn't have read today's post before lunch!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Matt, it wasn't any easier writing about it late at night. Believe me!