30 June 2011

International espionage

For the past several years, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios have alternated their releases. In the summer Pixar releases their latest creation, while Disney tells their tales in the fall. This timetable has allowed for the Animation Gallery at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to give each film its undivided attention for approximately six months.

This summer, however, sees the return of not one beloved series, but two. June saw the release of Cars 2 and, coming in July, Winnie the Pooh makes his return to the big screen. In order to showcase the amazing work of both films, the Animation Gallery was forced to split its resources for amongst the two features.

Here at the Main Street Gazette, we are faced with no such problem. As such, we’re going to spend our next two safaris touring the animators’ efforts. Up first, from last week’s Pixar release, the work of Cars 2.

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